Are You A Novice / First-Time Dog Owner?

I know how it’s like to be a new pet parent. If you are anything like I was, you probably have a giant list of questions by now.

(That is totally fine! As you will see in a moment, I have answers on all kinds of subjects…)

Back when we knew nothing

My First Success

I started my journey a few years back when I decided to potty train my puppy myself. I did not have much experience at the time, but to my very surprise, I nailed it!

After that, I continued to learn more about dog training and dog behavior problems, such as separation anxiety (which my dog used to have), and I even became interested in dog grooming.

Because I am such a big fan of healthy living, I have always been determined to find solutions that can replace or minimize the use of prescription drugs, pills, and even pesticides.

And the truth is, many of the problems we see in dogs can be solved through proper training, nutrition, and other natural means (in fact, they often work better).

A bit spoiled, but balanced

What Is My Goal?

I want to help dog owners, just like me, skip the stage where they are trying to figure out what to do, and instead give them tools that can help them live a happy life with their furry friend.

Besides sharing various tips and products, I will also guide you on:

  • How to raise a dog inside an apartment without ruining it
  • How to teach your dog to be calm and more confident
  • How to deal with picky eating, weight control, and food intolerance
  • How to take care of your dog, without relying too heavily on vets and groomers
  • How to make sure your dog stays in top shape, regardless of his breed or age
  • How to have fun with your dog and enjoy your hobbies with him
  • And much more…

As someone who has extensive experience in these topics, I know that I have good real-life advice to share, so be sure to stick around.

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