Best Bathtubs for Large Dogs

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Regardless of his size, you need to make time to maintain your dog’s basic hygiene. Like it or not, this includes everything from giving him regular baths, to trimming his nails and brushing his teeth in order to keep him clean and healthy.

Some dogs absolutely love taking their bath, while others are largely indifferent or very wary of the process, and even downright fearful.

Obviously, bathing smaller dogs tends to be easier, as it’s far less work to get them in and out of the tub. With large dogs, in particular, it’s important to invest in a special bathtub just for them rather than resorting to using your own home bath.

Dog Bathtubs vs Grooming Tubs

Regular tubs (like the ones you see in many homes) are usually made out of porcelain and can be very slippery and easily scratched by your dog’s claws.

Also, they aren’t ideal for getting in and out, and as they’re generally one size, it might be too large for your small dog or too small for your large dog.

So, what should you use instead?

Dog bathtubs and even dog pools work great for the purpose of bathing your pet. They’re fairly sturdy and come in a wide variety of sizes, so you’re sure to have ample room for even the biggest pooch.

Additionally, some bathtubs are portable, so you can move them from room to room easily or even outdoors to minimize any messes from splashing or getting in and out.

Grooming tubs are designed for professional groomers, but some pet owners use them as well. They offer a basin area where your dog can sit or stand to be washed and they’re stronger and deeper than dog bathtubs.

Since dogs may not enjoy the grooming process, these tubs are designed to prevent them from jumping out or knocking the unit over. In fact, some even have restraints that act as a leash or harness to keep pets from moving around.

Below are some of the best bathtubs for large dogs.

Top 5 Best Bathtubs for Large Dogs

1. Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing Tub

Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing X-Large

With a 175-pound maximum capacity, this bathing tub is a great choice for all but the very largest pets.

Made from a sturdy, UV stabilized polypropylene, it measures 50 x 21.25 x 15 inches, which can safely accommodate large-sized dogs while still giving them enough room to move around.

Standing 32.25 inches tall when fully assembled, it’s a perfect height to allow you to wash and rinse your dog thoroughly without developing back or neck strain from bending too far over.

In addition, the U-shaped scratch-resistant opening is 25 inches wide, so your pup can comfortably walk up a ramp (such as this one) and easily step inside without feeling cramped.

The legs are also easy to snap on and off, so you can effortlessly move the unit from place to place or store it when not in use.

For added convenience, the tub incorporates a three-point restraint system, an anti-skid mat, as well as an attached shampoo caddy to keep everything in reach.


  • Made from polypropylene
  • Wide opening
  • Easy assembly
  • Three-point restraint system
  • Anti-skid mat
  • Shampoo caddy included


  • A ramp has to be purchased separately
  • Some customers report missing or wrong sized parts

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2. Flying Pig Professional Dog Grooming Bath Tub

Flying Pig Grooming 50" Stainless Steel Pet Dog Bath Tub with Faucet (Left Door/Right Drain), 50 x 27 x 58

This heavy-duty grooming tub is made from rust-resistant, rugged stainless steel that can support dogs up to 220 pounds.

Measuring 50 x 27 x 58 inches, it’s not only highly durable and safe to use, but the floor grates are fully adjustable and you can move them up or down to accommodate different sizes of pets.

You can also choose either a 50-inch right or left door that has a water-tight seal to make sure all the water stays inside once the door is shut.

On top of that, the back and side splash guards help keep your floor clean and dry, however, they can be removed if you want your pup to have more room to move around.

Equipped with a removable overhead, looped arm, non-skid, walk-in ramp, built-in shampoo rack, faucet, and sprayer, this tub is a wonderful option for bathing and grooming nearly any size dog.

Update: If you prefer to control the height of the tub, check out this model.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable floor grates
  • Splash guards
  • Non-skid ramp
  • Removable overhead arm
  • Shampoo rack, faucet, and sprayer included


  • Not easy to move around

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3. KOPEKS Outdoor Rectangular Bathing Tub for Dogs

KOPEKS Outdoor Rectangular Swimming Pool Bathing Tub - Portable Foldable - Large - 43" x 27" - Grey

Although this bathing tub is also advertised as a swimming pool, you don’t have to worry about inflating it!

Available in three different sizes to accommodate most dogs, the largest one measures 43 x 27 x 12 inches and is made from a soft (yet durable) industrial-strength PVC, which can stand up to sharp nails and repeated wear and tear.

Its rectangular shape makes it easy to fit just about anywhere, and not only does it work as a bathtub, but it also allows your dog a nice area to simply cool off during the warmer months.

It’s also extremely easy to set up and take down, folds up for discreet storage, and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Perfect for outdoor use, all you have to do is just let the water out after you’re done using it. To clean, simply wipe down with a dishtowel or washcloth and allow to dry in the sun before folding.

As a bonus, the tub even ships with a stylish carrying case for maximum convenience.


  • Doubles as a swimming pool
  • Available in different sizes
  • Made from industrial level PVC
  • No need for inflation
  • Easy to set up and drain
  • Portable and foldable


  • Not recommended for indoor use
  • Corners can be a little flimsy

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4. PawBest Dog Grooming Bathtub

PawBest Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub (with Ramp, Faucet, Hoses and Loops)

This large grooming tub (measuring 50 x 27 x 58 inches) is extremely heavy-duty.

Masterfully welded together into one solid stainless steel unit, the base frame is sturdy and stable and won’t rock back and forth if your pup happens to moves around a lot.

The door has watertight seals, so there’s no leaking or mess left on the floor, and it slides easily to allow for quick entrances and exits. Plus, the anti-slip mat is a wonderful addition, as it ensures their safety while making them feel more secure.

Furthermore, there are two overhead arms with loops, so even if you wash more than one pet, you can keep them safely in place during the bathing process.

The tub includes a faucet and sprayer attachment, which you can use to either fill the bathtub up or simply hose your dog down, whichever works better.

Also included in the package is a removable ramp with a no-skid surface that you can stash underneath when not in use for maximum space-saving.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Watertight, sliding door
  • Anti-slip mat
  • Dual overhead looped arms
  • Removable ramp
  • Faucet and sprayer included


  • Installing the drainage can be a bit of a hassle

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5. Zacro Foldable Large Dog Pool

Zacro Foldable Large Dog Pool - Pet Dog Cats Paddling Bath Pool, Large Outdoor Bathing Tub for Dogs Cats and Kids (47 X 11.8 in)

While this product is marketed as a swimming pool for dogs, it works wonderfully as a 47 x 11.8 inches bathtub for large breeds.

It’s made from scratch-resistant, durable PVC that protects against damage from your dog’s claws, while the bottom is specially reinforced with a doubly-thick material to guard against accidental puncturing or leaks.

Simply unfold and fill with the desired amount of water and it’s ready to go (no need for air pump or inflation). When you’re done, just open the drain, release the air, and fold it back up.

Easy to move around from place to place and compact when folded up for maximum space-saving, you can set it up just about anywhere, though it will create far less of a mess outside. Just be sure not to drag it once it’s filled with water.

The tub comes with an easy-to-carry bag, which makes it a breeze to transport, and has a 24-hour customer service available if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Doubles as a swimming pool
  • Made from durable PVC
  • Reinforced bottom material
  • No need for inflation
  • Folds up when not in use
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • 24-hour customer service


  • Less chew resistant than other pools

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What to Look for in Bathtubs for Large Dogs?

Sturdiness: You want to be sure that your dog is safe and secure in the bathtub, which means you need to look for something that’s made from a durable material that can hold up to constant use and resist scratching.

Portability: If you have a big dog, you know how important it is to conserve space. In this case, look for a portable dog bathtub that collapses to a fraction of its size for effortless storing when not in use.

That way, you can set it up and take it down wherever you want to. In warm weather, you can even bathe your pup out on the deck or lawn to make cleanup a breeze.

Safety: Look for a product with an anti-skid material on the legs to prevent the tub from moving around while your dog is in it. Likewise, you want an anti-slip surface for him to stand on so he doesn’t lose his footing.

Size: Large dogs need a lot of room when they’re getting a bath. Look for a bathtub that fits your dog’s weight and size for maximum comfort and safety.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

Dogs don’t need to take a bath nearly as often as we do. As a matter of fact, over bathing your pet may actually lead to dry and itchy skin.

While there’s no exact timeline for how often your dog should get a bath, a good general rule is once a month. Some breeds with long or oily coats might need more frequent baths, while others with shorter hair can go a little longer between baths.

Note: When in doubt, you should always follow your veterinarian’s advice.

Here are our best tips to help you bathe your dog like a pro:

  • Give your dog a good brush first to help work out any tangles or mats while the fur is dry. This makes the shampoo more effective, and makes it much easier to brush him out afterwards.
  • Carefully test the temperature of the water before it touches your dog. Remember that dogs can’t tolerate hot water the same way we can, and they’re also just as susceptible to getting a chill with cold water.
  • Try to make bath time as pleasant of an event as possible. If your dog is particularly anxious, try talking to him in a calm, soothing voice, using treats or a favorite toy as a reward.
  • Only use dog shampoo, as dogs have more sensitive skin than humans and using the wrong product can irritate their skin and strip away the protective oils from their coat.

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