Best Comforters for Dog Hair

best comforters for dog hair

Our bed is a place of rest and relaxation, where we are able to escape the chaos and face-paced momentum of our everyday world. The only thing that makes settling into bed for the night even more pleasurable is cuddling up with our dog.

Whether you have a small breed of dog that nestles by your feet each night or a larger breed that sprawls out next to you, most of us love sleeping the night away with our canine companion. In fact, sharing the bed with your dog increases bonding, and it can also make you feel safe and protected, knowing he’s just an arm’s reach away.

There’s only one drawback to these nightly sleepovers – the amount of dog hair you find coating your comforter and bed in the morning. Particularly in people who suffer from allergies, this hair and dander collecting on the bed can lead to respiratory difficulty, watery eyes, and other symptoms.

If you’re going to share your bed with your dog, it’s necessary to acquire a comforter that’s made to deal with all these problems. Below are the best comforters for dog hair.

Our Top Best Comforters for Dog Hair

1. Amrapur Reversible Comforter

You can get this stylish comforter for just about any size bed, ranging from Twin to King. Also, it’s available in no less than 18 different colors, so you’re sure to find something that matches your taste. If that’s not enough, the reversible feature gives you even more options for colors as well.

Amrapur Overseas Goose Down Alternative Microfiber Quilted Reversible Comforter / Duvet Insert - Ultra Soft Hypoallergenic Bedding - Medium Warmth for All Seasons - [Full/Queen, White/White]


On the outside, it’s made from pure microfiber, which is incredibly soft. There’s also a built-in hypoallergenic barrier that repels mildew and dust mites, as well as the dander that collects in your dog’s fur. Plus, the polyester stuffing acts as a great alternative to traditional down comforters.

And what’s even better? Not only does cleaning dog hair is very easy, as you can simply toss it in your washing machine and tumble dry on low heat, but the comforter’s beautiful colors will endure through repeated washings.

What’s included? This product is manufactured by Amrapur Overseas Inc., a family-run company that’s been specializing in home goods for 40 years. Each package includes one comforter/duvet insert.


  • The filling can get bunched up in places and you’ll have to shake it out.

What did we think? This comforter is a great option for you and your dog. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the mock-down filling is guaranteed for a good night’s rest for both of you.

2. Buffy Comforter

Available in everything from a Twin to a California King, this unique comforter has a design that prevents dog hair buildup, soothes your skin. and creates a comfortable, healthy sleeping environment for you and your dog.

Buffy Cloud Comforter - Queen Comforter - Eucalyptus Fabric - Hypoallergenic Bedding- Alternative Down Comforter - Full/Queen


Made from a eucalyptus fabric shell, it isn’t only superior at retaining heat and wicking away moisture, but it’s also incredibly soft to the touch. Plus, The material is ideal for repelling dust mites, mildew, mold, and other allergens, and the filling material is made from recycled PET fill. This means that your plastic water bottles might actually have wound up being what keeps you warm at night!

The comforter itself is slightly weighed, which many reports gives them a deeper, more comfortable sleep. It’s also easy to clean – simply wipe your hand or a damp rag down the surface to remove any dog hair that remains in the morning.

What’s included? This product is manufactured by Buffy, an online company that specializes in uniquely comfortable and practical bedding. Each package includes one comforter, as well as a limited money-back guarantee.


  • Can be somewhat awkward to manipulate by yourself
  • Stays in prime condition only when it’s dry-cleaned

What did we think? This comforter is an excellent option if you’re looking for a thick blanket that’s easy to keep clean while still repelling allergens and pet dander. Its unique material will keep you and your dog warm throughout the night and the eco-friendly filling is great at helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

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3. Downluxe Comforter Set

This super-soft comforter is available for Twin, Queen, and even King-sized mattresses. So even if you enjoy sleeping with plenty of room, your dog has a chance to cuddle up as well. It’s also reversible and comes in 11 different colors, so you can change the color scheme according to mood.

downluxe All-Season Down Alternative Comforter - Quilted Duvet Insert with Coner Tabs - Plush Hypoallergenic Microfiber Fill - Full


It’s made from 100% brushed microfiber, which makes it both comfortable and practical and it provides warmth without being stifling. Likewise, it has a hypoallergenic barrier, so your dog can sleep to his heart’s content without you having to worry about pet dander or other allergens.

This fluffy blanket is also extremely convenient, as you don’t have to spend a lot of time brushing it off or spending money at the dry cleaners. Simply toss it in the washing machine on the cold-water setting and gently tumble dry or hang it out in the sun. Also, the entire comforter is relatively lightweight, which means you won’t find yourself overheating in the middle of the night.

What’s included? The product is made by Downluxe, which prides itself on supplying customers with exceptionally comfy and durable products. What’s even better is that this product contains more than just a comforter, it also comes with two matching pillow shams. In case you aren’t totally happy with the product, there’s also a money-back guarantee.


  • Some customers report the sizes run a little short on the sides

What did we think? With this comforter, your dog can sleep with you whenever you want and you don’t have to worry about having a huge mess to clean up afterward. The soft material coupled with a stylish design and multiple color options means that there’s something to love for everyone.

4. JL Home Collection 100% Silk Comforter

Like many on our list, this high-quality comforter goes all the way from Twin to California King. And the great thing? The classic color naturally conceals most dog hair while the soft material makes for a luxuriously comfortable night’s sleep.

JL Home Collection 100% Silk Comforter All Season Luxury Silk Duvet with Cotton Covered, Machine Washable, Twin, 68×88 inch, Silk Weight: 960g


Made from cotton and filled with pure silk floss, this is like having a comfy cloud covering you each night. Besides being surprisingly warm, it also resists your dog’s claws and allows you to easily shake the hair from its surface each morning when you make the bed. Moreover, the antimicrobial and allergen resistant material is suitable even for those with very sensitive skin while protecting against dust and mildew build-up.

This is a very versatile selection as well, as it can be modified for each season. In the summer months, it stands alone as a comforter, yet in the colder winter months, you can use it as a duvet cover for a thicker quilt.

What’s included? This product is manufactured by JL Home Collection, a derivative of JL the Boutique. While the majority of the goods put out are related to clothing, there’s an impressive home goods selection available as well, most of which include luxurious and practical bedding options. Each package includes one comforter.


  • Some found it a little cumbersome when taking it off and on the bed

What did we think? This comforter is truly the entire package – a comfortable, dog hair resistant comforter that’s both versatile and able to stand up to everyday use.

5. LINENSPA All-Season Comforter

Designed to fit a multitude of mattress sizes (ranging from extra-large Twin to a California King) there’s plenty of room in this economical comforter for multiple dogs. It’s available in seven different reversible color combinations, so you can change up the look of your room simply with the flip of a blanket.

Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter - Hypoallergenic - Plush Microfiber Fill - Machine Washable - Duvet Insert or Stand-Alone Comforter - White - Full


Made from 100% microfiber, it not only works to keep pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens from clinging to it, but it also makes for an incredibly comfortable sleeping spot. The mid-weight material means that you’re able to get enough warmth without worrying about getting too hot in the middle of the night. Likewise, the ultra-soft material contained inside conforms with your body and movements, so it won’t bunch up in certain areas or require daily shaking.

The comforter is safe for both the washing machine and dryer and while comforters of this time have only enough side loops to secure the product at four points, this one boasts eight points. This not only makes it easier to carry and transport, but it also helps with the drying process.

What’s included? The product is manufactured by LINENSPA, a company that prides itself on producing high-quality sheets and other bedding at relatively reasonable prices. Each product contains the comforter, as well as a three-year warranty.


  • Unfortunately, the material is a little bit thin

What did we think? If you suffer from allergies but still want to share your bed with your dog, this comforter is a viable option for you to explore.

Best Duvet Cover for Dog Hair

Nestl Bedding Duvet Cover Set

Whether you have a smaller sized Twin bed or live large with the California King style, with just over 20 different colors, there’s likely a Nestl duvet cover that will beautifully fit your bed and your taste.

Nestl Bedding Duvet Cover 3 Piece Set – Ultra Soft Double Brushed Microfiber Hotel Collection – Comforter Cover with Button Closure and 2 Pillow Shams, White - Queen 90"x90"


Made from double-brushed microfibers, it provides ultimate comfort and convenience. It has that luxury hotel quality feel and a lightweight, breathable material that will keep you comfortable even during the warmest months. It’s also hypoallergenic, so it guards against dust mites, pet dander, and other potential irritants.

Simply slip this duvet cover over an existing comforter or quilt of comparable size to allow your dog to sleep soundly beside you without leaving a mess behind. It also comes clean easily in the washing machine and you can tumble dry it on low heat.

What’s included? This product is made by Nesti, a company that focuses on supplying bedding for pet moms and dads. Their pet-friendly products not only combat wrinkles, odor, and allergens, but they’re environmentally friendly as well. The package includes only a duvet cover specified to your individual bed size along with two matching pillow shams. Be aware that you must already have an existing comforter to put the product to its proper use. There’s also a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy.


  • A little awkward to move around

What did we think? A duvet cover is an absolutely wonderful choice for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise quality and cleanliness at the expense of allowing their dog to sleep with them. With such a soft, comfortable fabric that keeps hair to a minimum, you can’t go wrong.

The Best (and Worst) Fabrics for Dog Hair

Choosing any kind of bedding for dog hair starts with the right fabrics. Generally, smooth and high thread count fabrics don’t hold onto dog hair well.

Simply put, the higher the thread count, the more tightly woven together the fibers. Tightly woven fibers are excellent at repelling dog hair, so you’re less likely to have to constantly clean the comforter. Also, higher thread counts have a more luxurious feel to them, so you and your dog can sleep in style.

So what are the best fabrics for dog hair?

Best Fabric #1: Cotton: Tightly woven cotton doesn’t have areas that allow dog hair to become embedded in the fabric. It’s also relatively inexpensive and comfortable for regulating body temperature.

Best Fabric #2: Microfiber: These comforters are constructed from lots of baby-fine polyester fibers. Not only does the tight weave prevent against hair imbedding itself in the fiber, but it’s also very easy to wipe clean and even vacuum to remove any dog hair that does build up.

Best Fabric #3: Pleather: This is simply a synthetic leather. While this may initially seem to not be an ideal choice for a comforter, pleather makes for a wonderfully soft and cuddly material. Better yet, there’s no comparison to its ability to repel dog hair. Even simply wiping your hand down a pleater comforter each morning goes a long way to keeping dog hair at bay.

Best Fabric #4: Silk: This fabric feels absolutely luxurious, but it also allows even the finest of dog hairs to easily slip away. Silk is a natural fiber derived from silkworms, while satin is a silk fabric weave. Both materials are known for their soft, comfortable feel, as well as for the way the easily keep dog hair from clinging to their surface. However, they tend to get snagged and stained quite easily.

Worst Fabrics: You should avoid any rough texture and open weave fabrics such as chenille, tweed, and velvet.

What Else Should You Look For?

Aside from its hair repelling properties, there are a few other things which play an important part in selecting a comforter that’s ideal for you and your dog.

Here are some questions to keep in mind…

  • Is It Allergen And Microbe Resistant? The more that your comforter is able to keep dander and fur at bay, the less likely you are to notice any irritation.
  • Is It Mold And Mildew Resistant? As mentioned before, sometimes our canine companions like to jump onto the bed and roll around when their coat and paws are in less than ideal condition. Having a comforter that wicks away moisture prevents buildup from repeated exposure to dampness.
  • Is It Stain Resistant? Some of the best comforters for dogs have stains or water-resistant properties. This means that even if your dog jumps up onto the bed after romping around in a muddy, wet backyard, your comforter will still quickly come clean and dry out.
  • Is It Easy To Clean? Even the most fur-resistant material is susceptible to collecting dirt or acquiring stains. You want something that can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth between washings, and likewise, something that can be tossed in the washing machine and dryer rather than needing to be hand-washed.
  • Is It Lightweight? Every time you go to make your bed or wash your bedding, you’ll regret purchasing an overly heavy comforter. Look for something that’s at once easy to maneuver and wash while still providing ample warmth.
  • Is It the Right Color? Pet owners with darker colored dogs would do better to gravitate towards darker colored sheets, while those with dogs of a lighter hue will minimize the appearance of dog hair with whites, cream or other light colors.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Your Comforter?

Of course, the easiest way is to wash your comforter in your washing machine on the coldest setting, then tumble dry low or spread out in the sunshine to dry. This isn’t always practical though, as who wants to wash their blanket every single day?

So what can you use to remove dog hair from your comforter?

  • Damp Sponge (or Washcloth): The dampness will help attract the fur, so it winds up on the sponge instead of in your bed.
  • Rubber Gloves: Rubber gloves also draw dog hair to them like a magnet, so simply running your hands over your bed a few times can really make a difference.
  • Lint Roller: A favorite tool for pet owners to remove hair from their clothes, it also works well on your bedding. The only disadvantage is the relatively small size of most lint rollers compared to the larger surface area of a comforter. It’s great for targeting smaller areas on the bed though, such as your dog’s favorite napping spot.
  • Sticky Tape: If you don’t have a lint roller handy, using strips of tape will quickly remove the hair from your bedding. Again, this isn’t the most practical option, but it’s cost-effective and works well in a pinch.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a person who considers your dogs to be a part of the family, you’ll want to keep them in the forefront of your mind anytime you’re shopping for a new comforter. We especially like these comforters and consider them to be the best comforters for dog hair out there.

Obviously, you want to find something that’s comfortable enough for you to sleep in each and every night and that doesn’t need to be run to the dry cleaners or through the wash every other day. Likewise, it’s important to look for materials that naturally repel hair, allergens, and stains and that can be used across multiple seasons.