Best Couch Cover for Dogs

It is undeniable that houses with dogs tend to require more regular cleaning than ones without.

As they go outside and come back in, we may have to sweep and mop the floor or vacuum the carpet to remove dog hair build up and other dirt.


It is not just our floors and carpets that fall victim to pet hair and whatever else they may track in with them. Couches, in particular, are highly susceptible to suffering serious wear and tear from everyday use.

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Filthy paws aside, even the most well-behaved dogs can still cause damage since their claws can easily rip the fabric of the furniture.

If you are looking for a way to let your dog lounge on the couch without constantly having to clean it or worry about possible damage, purchasing a couch cover is a move you should make!

In this post, I will share my best couch cover for dogs and discuss what pet owners need to know before they get one.

best couch cover for dogs

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Product NameOur ScoreAvailable On
Gorilla Grip Original Slip Resistant Sofa Slip Cover ProtectorB+Amazon
Great Bay Home Modern Velvet Plush Strapless SlipcoverA+Amazon
H. Versailtex 100% Waterproof Furniture ProtectorAAmazon
Mambe 100% Waterproof Furniture Cover for PetsA-Amazon

Why Do You Need a Couch Cover?


Couch covers help to protect our furniture from pawing and scratching. Your dog’s claws can cause serious damage, particularly if he uses his paws to help him settle into a cozy position.


Instead of having to vacuum and Febreze your couch on a regular basis to keep hair and odor at bay, a couch cover slips off and on with little effort.

This means that you can simply take it off when it is dirty and throw it in the washer and dryer, where it will come out good as new!

If you are entertaining, it can be embarrassing to have visitors sit on a couch that is covered in pet hair. A couch cover can be quickly removed to reveal the pristine fabric below and it also helps keep dander at bay for house guests who may be allergic to dogs or cats.


As comfy as your couch is, many couch covers are made from incredibly soft material that will make you and your dog feel as though you are lounging in the lap of luxury.


Even if your dog jumps up onto your couch with muddy, wet fur and tears a hole in the fabric, replacing a couch cover is far cheaper than replacing an entire couch!

Aesthetic Appeal

If you are someone who likes to experiment with home décor, couch covers allow you to do so. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics, meaning that you can change the look of your living room on a moment’s notice.

What to Look for in a Couch Cover?

Quality Material

The material is perhaps the most important factor, as you will want something that can be easily wiped down on a daily basis or machine washed and dried at least weekly.

Likewise, you want it to stand up to daily abuse from your dog’s paws. Some of the best materials for couch covers for dogs include leather/pleather, suede, microfiber, denim, and polyester.

Proper Fit

You want to be sure you purchase a couch cover that will fit your couch properly. Look for one that has anti-slip capabilities to prevent the material from shifting and bunching together every time your dog moves around.

Some couch covers even come with Velcro or other straps to ensure that the fabric does not need constant readjusting.


If you can find a double-sided couch cover, it is almost like getting two for the price of one!

Say your dog has an accident that causes permanent staining to one side of the couch cover. Instead of having to buy a new one, you can simply reverse the cover to show the undamaged side.

Best Couch Cover for Dogs: Our Top 4 Picks

Gorilla Grip Original Slip Resistant Sofa Slip Cover Protector Review

This stylish, comfortable sofa cover protector is available in eight vibrant colors, ensuring maximum protection for your furniture.

Made from soft micro-suede material complete with a padded middle, it can be ordered to fit everything from an oversized sofa to a loveseat or even a recliner.

Installation is easy, and there are even two adjustable straps, as well as a unique gorilla grip backing, which ensures a tight, custom fit that stays put even with your dog jumping up and down or shifting positions.

The cover is also very easy to clean and care for. It is stain and pet hair resistant and you can wipe it clean each day with a damp cloth. For a deeper clean, simply toss it in the washing machine on a cold cycle and allow to air dry.

This product is manufactured by Gorilla Grip, an offshoot of Hills Point Industries LLC. This company focuses upon manufacturing quality, pet-friendly household products that are at once durable and easy to afford.

Each package comes with the couch cover and adjustable straps, as well as a ten year, no questions asked warranty!


  • Gorilla grip backing and adjustable straps
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Consumer-friendly warranty (up to ten years)


  • Some owners complained that the cover doesn’t always stay in place
  • They also mention that frequent washing may cause issues

If you have particularly rambunctious animals, this is a wonderful product to save your furniture. Simply put the cover on, adjust, and allow your pet to lounge away without worrying about any permanent damage to your couch.

Great Bay Home Modern Velvet Plush Strapless Slipcover Review

This strapless slipcover offers ten stylish colors and designs to perfectly suit your home’s décor. However, it is not only versatile in its image, but it also does a good job of protecting your furniture while staying securely in place.

It is made from silky soft, lightweight velvet fabric and even has an elastic bottom that quickly and effortlessly adheres to your couch for a perfect fit.

The cover effectively protects your couch from dirt, pet hair, and other messes. Plus, its stain-resistant material is very easy to clean – just slip it into your washing machine and tumble dry on low.

This product is manufactured by Great Bay Home, a home décor store that began in the early 1970s as a curtain shop. Since those early days, the company has gone on to provide consumers with quality home furnishings at prices that are up to eighty percent cheaper than the leading department stores.

Each package comes with one couch cover, as well as a limited warranty. Yet, it is one of the very highest reviewed couch covers for dogs available online, with a very low return rate and extremely favorable opinions.


  • Strapless design
  • Available in ten stylish colors
  • Lightweight
  • Stain-resistant
  • One of the highest reviewed couch covers for pets


  • Some owners find that the recommended measurements are not accurate

If you are looking for a combination of style and comfort coupled with superior protection and a tight fit, this is the best couch cover for you and your dog.

H. Versailtex 100% Waterproof Furniture Protector Review

This waterproof furniture cover comes in four different colors, boasting a versatile fabric that allows both you and your pet to relax in style and comfort.

Made from microfiber with a waterproof backing and a sanitized protective finish, it resists water, mud, urine, and all other accidental spills and odors while still maintaining its pristine appearance.

In addition, the non-slip silicon rubber prevents wrinkling and constant replacement and does not require the use of straps to stay put.

Aside from being incredibly practical, this couch protector is also very soft in texture, ensuring that both you and your dog stay comfortable, warm and cozy. It is even chemical-free and eco-friendly, which means it is safe for everyone in the house.

The product is manufactured by H. Versailtex, a home furnishing company that does a great deal of online business. Consumers not only receive the couch cover, but they also get a money-back guarantee for the first month, as well as a five-year warranty.


  • Waterproof backing
  • Non-slip silicon rubber
  • Chemical-free
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • A few owners mentioned that this cover can be difficult to keep in place

If you like your home and furniture as clean as possible, this is an ideal choice for allowing pets to comfortably relax while minimizing mess and damage to the couch.

Mambe 100% Waterproof Furniture Cover for Pets Review

This waterproof furniture cover presents four elegant color options and it also helps keeps everything as dry and clean as possible (thus repealing mildew and odors) without sacrificing comfort.

It is made from a microfleece material that is at once very cozy and comfortable, yet still durable enough to withstand mild to moderate pawing.

This couch cover is also reversible and comes with complementary colors on each side, allowing for versatility. as well as deftly disguising stains. Easy to care for and clean, you can simply machine wash and air dry it as needed for good as new results.

The product was manufactured by Mambe, an American based company that specializes in waterproof blankets for the home and outdoors. Each consumer receives the appropriately sized couch cover, along with a limited warranty to ensure complete satisfaction.


  • Durable microfiber
  • Dual surfaces


  • A few owners reported that the cover is not entirely waterproof

If your dog gravitates towards licking the couch or playing in the mud, this cover is a fantastic option. The waterproof surface keeps stains from clinging while still providing maximum comfort for your dog.

In Conclusion

If you are going to attempt to strike a balance between owning a nice couch and owning a dog, a quality cover is one of the most important places to start.

Great Bay Home Strapless Slipcover is, in our opinion, the best couch cover for dogs.

No matter which one you choose. you should always look for a material that is both durable and soft, and be sure to properly measure your couch before ordering to ensure the tightest fit possible.

A good couch cover will not only be comfy to your dog’s paws and able to stand up to day-to-day usage, but it will also save you an enormous amount of time and money by acting as an easy-to-maintain shield between your dog and expensive pieces of furniture.