Best Dog Gate For Jumpers

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best dog gate for jumpers

With dogs being the number one pet owned in America, it’s no wonder they’ve become more than just pets. In fact, some of us even think of them as our children, and like children, they tend to get into trouble when we’re not watching.

A quick and easy way to keep them confined, but still with enough room to move around and play, is by using an indoor dog gate.

However, there are many other reasons why you’d want to use a gate, for example, when you potty train a dog or want to keep him from greeting people at the door.

When you’re out of the house, you can also make sure he doesn’t go up or down the stairs or enter a specific room, such as the kitchen or the bedroom.

But before we decide on the best dog gate for jumpers, let’s talk about the different types of gates and which one will suit your needs.

What Types Of Dog Gates Are There?

Dog gates are made of either wood, metal, or plastic.

Now, you may be able to have a small plastic dog gate with a small breed dog, but larger dogs need a large, sturdy gate that can withstand them jumping on it.

Free-standing gates may be enough if you have a well-trained dog. However, for dogs who tend to jump, a pressure-mounted or even hardware-mounted gate may be needed depending if the dog is a small or large breed.

Pressure-mounted gates need to go in between doorways or two walls. The gates are widened in small increments until there’s enough pressure on each side to hold them against the walls. These can easily be moved to other locations in your home, or even traveled with if necessary.

Hardware-mounted gates require hardware to be mounted onto walls or doorways. The drawback of these types of gates is they can’t be easily removed, and they leave permanent holes in the walls or doors where they’re mounted.

The 4 Best Dog Gate For Persistent Jumpers

1. Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Security Gate

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate in Black

This pet gate combines the many needs of dog owners, as it’s never enough to have a tall pet gate, but you need a sturdy one as well.

It’s made with high-quality steel, providing the strength to withstand even the largest frisky dog. It’s also one of the tallest dog gates at 39.5 inches, and the company even provides optional extensions to extend the gate to as large as 198.5 inches!

Though the height is enough to keep most dogs from jumping over, be aware that the longer the gate, the less strength it has.

With this in mind, the gate is ideal for apartments, rental properties, or temporary housing. It has a pressure-mounted system, providing for easy installation and removal. Though it comes with a hardware mount too if needed.

Like many others, it also has an auto-close system, and the door opens in both directions. Yet, this one also locks on the bottom giving added security and has an electronic indicator that tells you if the door is locked or not.

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Furthermore, it gives you the option of keeping the gate open if necessary.

This product is manufactured by Dreambaby manufacturers, and in their package, they include one pre-assembled pet gate panel with a door, as well as two optional extension panels, and mounting cups for optional use.


  • Can be pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted
  • Auto-close system
  • The gate door opens both ways
  • Various safety features


  • The latch can be hard to use sometimes

Bottom Line: This is a dog gate that will provide great peace of mind when using it. With its sturdy and tall design, you won’t have to worry about any dog jumping over it.

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2. MidWest Homes for Pets Steel Pet Gate

MidWest 39" High Walk-thru Steel Pet Gate, 29" - 38" Wide in Textured Graphite

This pet gate is a great way to keep your large dog contained or to partition off rooms in the house.

It’s made with tubular steel and a non-edible graphite finish. At 39.1 inches tall and 29.5 to 38 inches wide, it will fit most doorways and stairwells, and it will keep even the largest dog from jumping over it.

The gate can be pressure mounted or hardware mounted to give that extra added strength. Also, the door opens both ways, and it has an easy self-closing latch which you can use with one hand.

This product is manufactured by MidWest Homes for Pets, and in their package, they include a chew-proof, lead-free/non-toxic pet gate.

There are also two additional three-inch extensions, as well as hardware for installation, four pressure gate mounts, and one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Can be hardware mount or pressure mount
  • The gate door opens both ways
  • Self-closing latch


  • Plastic latches and springs on the door are fragile

Bottom Line: This dog gate can be a wonderful choice to your home, not just to keep your dog from traversing throughout the house from one area to the next, but also as a training tool.

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3. Munchkin XL Metal Baby Gate

Munchkin Easy Close XL Metal Baby Gate, 29.5" - 51.6" Wide, Black, Model MK0009-111 This pet gate is ideal not just for jumpers, but for heavy dogs as well. With its sturdy steel frame, it’s a must-have among large dog owners.

It’s made with high-quality, heavy steel to provide durability and strength. It’s also tested to withstand even the largest dog jumping against the frame, whether the frame is pressure mounted or wall mounted.

As for the dimensions, the gate is 36 inches tall with the ability to expand up to 51.6 inches wide.

Although you should be aware that the wider the gap, the more strength of the gate you will lose, so consider using the wall mount for greater stability if you need to span that wide gap.

Other than that, the door can be opened both ways for maximum convenience, but you can also have it only open one way or even locked completely.

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This product is manufactured by Munchkin Manufacturers, and in their package, they include one pre-assembled gate panel, along with three extensions, and a one-year limited warranty.


  • Should withstand a 220-pound dog
  • Can be pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted
  • Extra-wide walkthrough
  • Door open both ways


  • A bit difficult to install

Bottom Line: This is not a lightweight dog gate. It boasts a total of 21 pounds fresh out of the box, so be sure to have someone help you install it. However, with its weight comes that sturdy durability.

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4. North States Extra-Tall Baby Gate

Safety 1st Décor Easy Install Tall & Wide Baby Gate with Pressure Mount Fastening

This pet gate is a pressure mounted one, which is great for medium size dogs or well-behaved large dogs.

It’s made with sturdy steel, and at the height of 36 inches high and 29 inches to 37 inches wide, it fits most hallways, doors, and passages.

In addition, the gate is easy to install with its pressure mounted feet, and no tools are required. Unfortunately, it can’t be hardware-mounted for added stability.

Other than that, it has an indicator that tells you whether the door is locked in place or needs more adjusting, and a unique safety mechanism where you have to use two fingers in order to open the gate door.

This product is manufactured by Safety 1st, and in their package, they include one pre-assembled gate panel, two extensions, an instruction manual, and a one-year limited warranty.


  • Pressure-mounted gate
  • Easy to install
  • Lock indicator
  • Door safety mechanism


  • Can’t be hardware mounted
  • Adding the extensions may take some work

Bottom Line: This dog gate is great for use in not just small areas but large ones as well. With the longer extension but still sturdy construction, you can keep your dogs in a safe environment.

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How To Pick The Best Dog Gate For Jumpers?

You’ll need to choose a dog gate that suits both you and your pet’s needs. Obviously, there are some things to consider when deciding which gate is right for the job.

Before anything, consider the purpose of the gate to determine the best size and type to purchase.

Ask yourself:

  • Will the gate go between rooms, or at the top or bottom of stairs?
  • Is the gate meant to be temporary or permanent?
  • Do other pets need access to one of the rooms?
  • If your dog has been jumping over previous fences, how high was it?

Remember, you want a gate that can both contain and withstand your pet as it grows. You may have a small puppy now, but you want the gate to last as he goes into adulthood.

Other things to consider when buying a dog gate are the quality of the materials, what type of locking mechanism the gate has, and how easy the gate will be to install and break down.

Some pet gates even have an auto-close system and a door that swings both ways. This assists in keeping track of your pet.

Lastly, while it’s true that the safety of your dog is important when buying a gate, having a gate that can withstand your dog jumping on it without collapsing or injuring him is even more important.

How to Train Your Dog to Stop Jumping?

Teaching your dog not to jump is just as important as any sit, stay, or down command.

You start by rewarding good behavior with treats. If your dog jumps, have him sit and stay on command. Why sit and stay instead of learning the down command? Because the sit and stay require the dog to focus his attention back to you.

If it’s his first time, you may have to show him. If he stops jumping and does as told, he gets a treat. If not, he gets ignored and told to sit and stay again.

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This process is repeated until he can sit and stay for an extended period. This will help to enforce good behavior with him, and in time he will eventually stop jumping on people or over the gate.

Bottom Line

A dog gate can be a great addition to the life of both you and your dog. Whether you need a temporary or permanent solution, there are several choices you can make.

Overall, Munchkin XL Metal Baby Gate stands out as the best dog gate for jumpers.

Ensure you understand the purpose of your gate, so you know what height to get and what the gate will have to endure. Also, measure the needed space accurately to know if you need any extensions.

Once you have all the moving pieces put together, you can enjoy your gate and your pet with a minimum of concern.