What’s The Best Dog Paw Moisturizer For Dry Paws?

Your dog paw pads are there to protect his feet from extreme temperatures and rugged ground, so it’s very much essential to keep them strong and healthy.

Contrary to popular belief:

The paws should be somewhat smooth (some are naturally a little coarse) and free of any dryness and cracks.

And although in most cases dry paws can be easily overcome, if you notice any bleeding, or that your dog is limping or licking his feet obsessively, it might be a good idea to visit a veterinarian.

In this review, I’ll share my best dog paw moisturizer for dry paws.

I’ll also talk about using human moisturizers on your dog and whether it’s safe or not.

Quick Comparison: Best Dog Paw Moisturizer

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Causes Of Dry And Cracked Paw Pads

  • Allergies: An allergic reaction can be triggered by food sensitivity (which leads to itching and paw chewing) or contact with chemicals such as carpet and floor cleaners, garden sprays and fertilizers.
  • Hot pavement: Hot concrete and asphalt can wreak havoc on your dog’s feet. Touch the ground, and if it’s too hot for you, you’ll know it’s too hot for your dog.
  • Hyperkeratosis: This is a condition where a dog develops dry skin around its paws and nose as a result of excessive production of keratin.
  • Sensitive paws: Some dogs have naturally sensitive skin, and they’re usually more prone to dryness, especially in the paws and snout area.
  • Wintertime: Cold weather can also cause the paws to dry out. Moreover, during snow, the sidewalks and roads are often coated with sand and salt, which may irritate the skin as well.
  • Zinc deficiency: Breeds like Great Danes, Beagles, German Shepherds, Poodles, and Huskies are likely to have zinc deficiencies which in turn may result in dry and cracked paws.

Can I Put Baby Lotion On My Dog?

The problem with baby lotions (or Aveeno lotions for that matter) is that they’re not intended for use on pets so they may not be 100% dog-safe.

Human moisturizers may contain chemicals and ingredients that would be harmful to dogs, and some even include fragrances that have the potential to irritate your dog’s skin.

As dogs tend to lick their paws and nose quite often, these products could do more harm than good and considering the wide selection of paw balms available today, there’s no good reason to put your dog at risk.

DIY Dog Paw Moisturizer

If you’re feeling crafty and want to make your dog moisturizer (and have all the ingredients around), here’s a quick and easy recipe for a natural protective paw balm.

What you’ll need?

  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp shea butter
  • 1/2 oz beeswax

Simmer a few inches of water in a small pot, and place a suitable metal or glass bowl on top of the pan. Next, combine all four ingredients in the bowl and mix them on low heat until they completely melted. Finally, pour the solution into a tin container and give it time to cool down and harden.

Top 5 Best Dog Paw Moisturizers

1) 4-Legger Certified Organic Nose and Paw Pad Healing Balm

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4-Legger’s Healing Balm consists of hemp oil, shea butter, and beeswax for moisturizing, nourishing and protecting your dog’s paws naturally.

Also, there are rosemary, calendula, and st. john’s wort extract, and vitamin E to help soothe your dog’s sensitive paw pads.

The product doesn’t have any scent and is safe for pets as it contains only organic, all natural ingredients (nothing synthetic or artificial), so you don’t have to worry each time your dog licks it.

You can use this moisturizer for various issues, from dry paws, dry nose, hyperkeratosis to hot spots, itchy skin, wound healing, and even bug bites.

To apply, use your fingers and rub the balm on the affected area 2-3 times a day, it should be absorbed pretty quickly, and you should see a noticeable difference after a few days of use (for healthy paw pads, use only once a day).

4-Legger balms are manufactured in the US and are also USDA certified organic, but some of the ingredients are sourced from Africa.


  • Nourish and protects
  • Includes soothing herbs
  • Unfragranced
  • All natural
  • Safe for dogs
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Made in the US
  • USDA certified organic


  • Some ingredients are outsourced

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2) Natural Dog Company PAW SOOTHER

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Paw Soother is based on cupuacu butter, but it’s also rich in coconut, hempseed, and jojoba oils that help with cracked dog paws and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Additionally, this balm includes medicinal herbs (calendula, chamomile, and rosemary) to help soothe and heal dry, chapped paws and vitamin E as a natural preservative.

This product is organic and completely free of artificial preservatives or any other harmful ingredients like petroleum, so it’s 100% safe for dogs, even if ingested accidentally.

And the greatest thing — you don’t even need to shave your dog’s paw hair. Just remove the cap, twist the bottom part, and apply the balm directly on your dog’s paw pads.

For damaged pads, apply the balm twice a day when your dog rests until his paws get better. Then, continue to use the product every few days, or once a week for maintaining healthy paws.

You can also use this gentle balm to treat your dog’s rough elbows and dry nose which can occur after a sunburn or when your dog is sick. To protect your dog’s sensitive paws from hot surfaces, ice, snow, and allergens, consider using PawTection as well.

Like most great products, Natural Dog Company balms are made in the US, and each one of them is handcrafted individually to ensure the highest quality possible for your dog (as proof, the company offers a 90-day return policy).


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Includes soothing herbs
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Organic
  • Safe for dogs
  • Made in the US
  • 90-day return policy


  • No protective wax

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3) Particular Paws Dog Healing Balm for Paws and Snout

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Particular Paws Healing Balm is made of grape seed oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil, as well as cocoa butter to help with cracked and broken skin and prevent bacterial, or viral infections.

On top of that, ingredients such as organic aloe vera and calendula should help with the healing process and ease your dog discomfort in the meantime.

The product is all natural and doesn’t contain preservatives, or any other chemical additives. Plus, the formula is perfectly safe for dogs and humans, even if it was accidentally consumed.

For treating dry and rough paws, apply the balm directly on the irritated spots as many times as needed, it’s also available in both a stick you can take on-the-go or a jar to use easily at home.

You can also use this balm to restore moisture to your dog’s nose or as an anti-itch remedy and even an anti-fungal treatment due to the added tea tree oil. Yet, to prevent future cracks and breaks in the skin, it’s suggested to use the balm regularly.

Particular Paws balms are made in the US and under a strict good manufacturing practice (GMP) to ensure its quality and safety. However, if you didn’t like the product, you can ask the supplier for a refund and ship it back.


  • Prevents infections
  • Includes soothing herbs
  • All natural
  • Safe for dogs
  • Made in the US
  • Satisfaction guarantee policy


  • No protective wax
  • Not organic

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4) Pawstruck Organic Nose & Paw Wax Balm for Dogs

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Ruff Relief has a bunch of quality ingredients, from olive and coconut oils to various waxes, all of which are highly effective in moisturizing and protecting your pet’s paws.

There’s also a non-GMO vitamin E included which acts as an antioxidant to help prolong the shelf life of the oils in the product.

The balm is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, as well as organic, so you should be able to use it safely on dogs and puppies.

You can use this paw wax to restore your dog’s dry, chapped skin to its normal, deal with hot spots, and even calm itching due to dermatitis, a rash, or an allergy.

Other than your repairing damaged dog’s paws, this paw lotion is suitable for your pet’s nose, elbows, and wrinkles as well and it also provides paw protection against harsh weather conditions, salt, and sand.

To ensure their quality standards and safety, Pawstruck’s balms are made in the US under the USDA regulations, and they even have a US-based customer care team. Additionally, with the 30-day satisfaction guarantee in place, it’s hard to go wrong,


  • Great moisturizer and paw protector
  • Protects paw pads
  • Non-toxic
  • Organic (USDA certified)
  • Safe for dogs
  • Made in the US
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • No soothing herbs

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5) Paw Nectar 100% Organic and Natural Paw Wax

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Paw Nectar is mostly made of coconut and avocado oils, but it also contains shea and cocoa butter to help fight against chapped, cracked, and damaged paws.

The balm also includes aloe vera, rosemary, and lavender oil that helps to that soothe and heal your dog’s paws, as well as vitamin E to help prolong the shelf life of the product.

This holistic formula is 100% organic, and it doesn’t contain controversial or toxic ingredients, so it’s safe for both humans and dogs (even if yours decides to lick it).

Also, the balm (which can be applied for a range of issues with dog paws and skin) is usually absorbed pretty quickly, making it easier for the dog to walk around the house after use.

QualityPet balms are made in the US in upstate New York, so you’ll know the quality is high, but if you’re not satisfied with it, you can always ask for a full refund.


  • Good for damaged paws
  • Includes soothing herbs
  • 100% organic
  • Non-toxic
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Made in the US
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • No protective wax

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How To Prevent Your Dog From Licking The Product?

While all the moisturizers I’ve mentioned are non-toxic and safe for dogs, you should try to stop Fido from licking his paws, nose, and the like to allow the damaged area to heal properly.

Here are a few ideas:

  • First and foremost, clean your dog paw after a walk to get rid of any skin irritants.
  • Cover your dog’s paws with baby socks until the moisturizer is fully absorbed.
  • Distract your dog using his favorite treat or a toy after applying the balm.
  • Wait until your dog is tired (after a long walk or at bedtime) before using the lotion.

Bottom Line

Pawstruck Ruff Relief is an all-in-one natural and safe solution for moisturizing and protecting your dog’s palms or perhaps other areas that tend to be dry and itchy.

Check Pawstruck Ruff Relief current price

This is, in my opinion, the best dog paw moisturizer, even though unlike some other products listed, it doesn’t contain a herb blend. Still, this balm does seem to help with soothing dry, and sore paws according to many pet parents.

However tempting, using non-dog products (whether internally or topically) can pose a risk to your dog and it’s recommended to check with your veterinarian before any such use.

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