Best Gifts for a Dog Lover

Finding the perfect present for your dog loving friend or family member may be overwhelming.

Doesn’t matter if you’re buying for a dog mom or a dog dad, there are so many options to choose from (that is if you can make a choice).

Make sure you know the owners well, their dog’s breed, and their pet problems as this will make the buying task simpler

These next items will probably fit most dog owners as they take care of things like keeping dogs safe, happy and healthy, and I even included a few entertaining gifts which everyone tends to love.

In this post, I’ll share my best gifts for a dog lover (In fact, I’d love to have some of them myself).

So whether you’re looking for a holiday present idea or a birthday gift, here are some cool picks.

The Top 10 Best Gifts for a Dog Lover

1. Car Seat Cover

Dog owners (who also own a car) will likely to appreciate this gift.

Let’s face it — dogs are quite messy. These furry creatures leave behind hair, drool, and dirt from their paws. Not to mention pee accidents which are a pain to get rid of.

That’s where back seat covers can come into play, not only do they protect the vehicle from your dog’s shedding and claws, they’re also extremely convenient, which should be useful for owners who take their dog on a long ride.

4Knines Dog Seat Cover is without a doubt the spearhead of the seat covers, but if you want to explore other option, you can read my post on the best seat covers for dog hair.

2. Dog DNA Test

Here’s a gift idea for rescue dog owners who aren’t sure about their canine breed.

Apart from the fact that it’s fun to learn about your dog’s family tree and understand its appearance, knowing your dog’s breed mixture can also help in understanding his recommended weight and nutritional needs better, and some tests even check drug sensitivities which is a huge deal.

The only licensed test to do drug sensitivity screening is the Wisdom Panel 3.0. it also goes back three generation and can detect for more than 250 breeds, as well as give you breeds details and percentages.

Taking a sample is easy and not intrusive, all it takes is a simple cheek swab. A few weeks after the DNA test has shipped back to the lab, the company will send a report over email.

3. Funny Wine Glass

It’s the perfect gift for any dog mom and dad who enjoy their wine.

This 13 oz wine glass is a high-quality glass made in the USA that dog lovers all around the world will be excited to receive on valentine’s day, birthdays, Christmas, mothers day, and so on.

The product already comes in a white gift box, so all you’ve left to do is just give it away.

4. GPS Dog Tracker

Sadly, dogs are lost all the time, and some of them are never found. Dog owners know it, and that’s why I’m sure they will be thrilled about this gift.

We’re not talking about pet trackers that use Bluetooth as these have a very limited range. The Whistle 3 has GPS tracking, along with a 3G internet connection, that can cover the whole country.

The device attaches to the dog’s collar or harness and is able to stand rough conditions, including getting wet. Also, battery life is impressive as this tracker can work up to 7 days after a full charge (depending on different factors such as the strength the cellular coverage).

Owners will have to pay a low-cost monthly fee for a cellular connection, but I believe that this is a small price for the peace of mind.

5. Invisible Fence System

Owners who can’t keep their dog inside their property, or afraid that he will run off, can really use this gift.

When it comes to invisible fences, there are two options:

  • In-ground fence: This one takes a bit of work, but I consider it a fun weekend project. Basically, it’s a wire underneath the ground that’s plugged into a transmitter. The wire sets the boundaries, and the transmitter sends a static correction to the dog’s collar once he steps out.
  • Wireless fence: These fences are easier to install and they’re also more portable. There are only a transmitter and a collar that communicates with each other, the former set the radius and the latter used for correcting the dog.

Check out the links below for more information and products reviews.

What are the best in-ground dog fences?

What are the best wireless dog fences?

6. Personalized Dog Bowl

A custom gift is something you don’t get every day, which is why it’s such an excellent one.

It’s a typical stainless steel bowl with a rubber ring around the base to prevent it from moving around, and it comes engraved with a dog’s name of your choosing. You can also choose between three bowl sizes to match the size of the dog.

Think about making it a set and get one for food, and one for water with different personalized text (be creative, the maximum you can write is 2 lines with 8 characters per line).

7. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of the most helpful gifts a dog owner can have.

Dog hair and dander tend to pile up rapidly, and not everyone has the time (or the strength) to move furniture, and mop their house every single day. Not to mention take out the vacuum cleaner.

Fortunately, robot vacuums made things a whole lot easier, and some of them even had dog lovers in mind. For example, the Roomba 980 comes with two rubber brushes designed to avoid tangles, and due to its low profile, this vacuum can slide underneath furniture, which is where most hair and dander tends to accumulate.

For more information and robot vacuums comparison, check out my post on the best robot vacuum for dog hair.

8. Orthopedic Dog Bed

Owners with elderly or arthritic dogs will be grateful for such a gift.

As dogs get older, they tend to move less, that means they will spend more time in their spot, taking naps, relax, and whatnot. Additionally, older dogs often suffer from joints and hips pain, so it’s important they will have a bed that’s designed for long-lasting comfort.

BRINDLE dog bed is a high quality, memory foam mattress that helps relieve achy joints, arthritis, and hip dysplasia. The bed can be used inside a crate, or when traveling as its relatively lightweight. Plus, the cover is removable in case it needs a wash.

9. Treat Tossing Camera

Dog lovers will have so much fun watching their dog remotely using this gift.

Not only Furbo is a 1080p camera, and that it has night vision, but owners can also load it with dozens of their dog’s favorite treats, and schedule it to toss a treat every hour or do it manually from their phone! How cool is that?

The camera can also detect barking, in this case, the 2-way chat can be used to calm down the dog, and of course, there’s always the option to play another game of treat catching.

10. Wooden Dog House

It’s no secret, owners love to pamper their small dogs.

This wood pet home includes a kennel, balcony, and stairs and it will fit small dogs or puppies (10-12 pounds). The instructions are easy to follow and assembly shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

As a bonus, the cedar wood has a natural, calming scent that may help anxious dogs sleep better.

Best Gifts for a Dog Lover
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