Can Dogs Eat Pizza Rolls?

can dogs eat pizza rolls

Have you ever been around dogs while you eat? Then you know it can be difficult to resist those big puppy eyes. You might feel guilty lifting a big, delicious slice of pizza to your lips while your dog looks on enviously, whining as if he hasn’t been fed in …

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Can Dogs Eat Eggshells?

can dogs eat eggshells

Sometimes your dog can serve double duty not only as your best friend, but also as a living garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner. Think of all the times you’ve accidentally dropped food on the kitchen floor while cooking or eating and thought, oh, it’s okay, the dog will get it. …

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Why Does My Dog Eat So Fast?

why does my dog eat so fast

Does your dog eat as if he has never seen food before? While Fido seems to have a healthy appetite, there may be an underlying reason that needs attention. Truth be told: Some dogs just eat fast naturally and will swallow anything. In other cases, there’s a specific cause for this habit. …

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