Can Dogs Use Litter Boxes?

can dogs use litter boxes

One of the most important responsibilities of owning a dog is taking him outside several times a day to go to the bathroom. For many, this is a perk of pet ownership, since it makes you get outside, stretch your legs, and breathe some fresh … Read more

Best Pee Pads for Dogs

best pee pads for dogs

There’s no doubt that pee pads are the easiest, most stress-free way to potty train dogs indoors, but how do you know which one is best? Think of pee pads as a kind of exterior diaper for your dog. Ideally, they should have multiple layers … Read more

Best Enzyme Cleaner for Dog Urine

best enzyme cleaner for dog urine

Okay, here’s the deal. At some point, you’re going to have to clean up your dog’s mess, that’s just a part of being a pet owner. Although you can avoid most potty accidents by following these housebreaking tips, it’s certainly a good idea to keep … Read more

How to Potty Train an Older Dog in an Apartment

how to potty train an older dog in an apartment

Whether you just adopted an untrained shelter or rescue dog or recently moved to a new place, you may be asking yourself, “How can I potty train him inside my apartment?” Even though the task may initially seem quite daunting, the tried and true method … Read more

Are Golden Retrievers Easy to Train?

are golden retrievers easy to train

The more trained your dog is, the more you’ll be able to enjoy her. Think about it… If she’s poorly behaved, will you be bringing her out and around the town with you? Probably not. If she has bad manners, will you invite friends and … Read more

Best Online Dog Training Course

best online dog training course

Pet owners have an idea in their heads as to how they would like their pet to behave. The truth is that no one sets out to have a dog with behavioral problems. Yet sometimes, we must cope with the fact that our dogs exhibit … Read more

How to Teach Your Dog to Smile?

how to teach your dog to smile

Dogs put a big smile on our faces, and frankly, who wouldn’t want to see their dog smile back? Teaching a dog to smile on command can be a little more difficult than other tricks like “sit” and “stay”. This is because there are various … Read more

Best Invisible Dog Fences

best invisible dog fences

No matter how trained and disciplined your dog is, there’s always a risk that he will hear or see something that will make him run off. When pet owners think about keeping their dog from escaping, the first thing that comes to mind is a … Read more

DoggieLawn vs Fresh Patch

doggielawn vs fresh patch

Ideally, dog owners should walk their dog at least two times a day. Walks aren’t only important for better physical and mental health, but for potty breaks as well. However, sometimes, taking your dog out is simply not possible. In such a case, grass pads … Read more