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We’re looking for dog trainers, veterinarians, groomers, and content creators/pet parents.

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Content Writer

As our business is growing, we have more work than we can handle.

We need skilled writers that are comfortable writing various types of content, including product reviews, buying guides, step-by-step tutorials and more.

Our Benefits:

  • Work from home. Our writers work whenever they want and wherever they want. Currently, our writers get between 1-2 new articles per week. However, we expect this to increase over time.
  • Good starting rate. We pay our writers .01 – .03 cents per word. Of course, this depends on a number of factors, such as your writing experience, your certificates or expertise in the pet industry. Since most of our articles are around 1,000 – 2,500 words, you can expect to earn anywhere from $10 – $75 per article.
  • Clear guidelines. Our writers don’t need to guess anything! We will provide you with clear instructions, including what products to review, and we will even send you a template to make your writing process as easy as possible.
  • Author bio. We include a small picture and a brief bio of our writers on all of their articles. This won’t only give you great exposure, but will make you more trustworthy in the eyes of your clients.

Our Requirements:

  • Must be a native English speaker
  • Prior experience working with dogs, or owning a dog yourself
  • 2 years+ of online writing experience (blog, e-book, online magazine, etc.)
  • Strong research and editing skills
  • Excellent communication and time management
  • Writing samples, preferably related to pets

 What Will You Write?

  • Product Reviews. This can be a product roundup, head-to-head comparison between two or more products or a single product review.
  • How-To Guides. These are step-by-step tutorials that teach dog owners how to do certain tasks. For example, ‘how to wash dog paws?’ or ‘how to get rid of fleas?’
  • Informational Articles. Normally, they’re shorter articles that answer a simple question, like ‘why is my dog eat so fast?’ or ‘can I give my dog yogurt?’

Quick Notes

  • Before you apply, take the time to browse through the website to get a feel of how we like our articles.
  • We are not looking for spun content. Your article should be unique, informative and insightful as possible.
  • At PuppyTip, we like to get our facts straight. Make sure you do your research before writing the article.

Want to Apply?

  1. Send us an email to jobs(at)puppytip.com with your full name, your experience/background and a few of your pet-related writing samples.
  2. We will go over your application. If we like what we see, we will send you a short assignment to make sure you’re perfectly fit for the job.
  3. Wait for our next e-mail. Once the review is complete, we will notify you of our decision. Either way, we will keep your contact information in case we decide to hire more writers.

Thanks, and best of luck to you in your new job!