Pet Assure Review

As pet owners, there’s no doubt that we only want what’s best for them. In many cases, most of us initially purchase a pet because we’re looking for a companion, or in some cases, for a built-in security system. And yet, the bond between us and our pets inevitably grows stronger with time. In fact, for many of us, our pet is already a part of the family.

However, the truth is that owning a pet is still a tremendous responsibility. There are some things that even the best-trained animals can’t do, no matter how intelligent they might be. Our pets are dependent upon us to take care of a number of their needs, including providing them with food, water, and shelter, as well as maintaining their physical health.

pet assure review

Any responsible pet owner should take measures to ensure that their pet is as happy and healthy as possible. This includes routine veterinarian visits, but also addressing any chronic health issues your pet may be experiencing.

Unfortunately, as much as we want to take the best care of our pets, trips to the vet can add up quickly and take a toll on your wallet. Everything from a simple check-up to vaccines and medication costs can be a financial strain. Even the best taken-care of pets are prone to accidents and emergency visits to the vet and the procedures that may be necessary are often extremely expensive.

Many pet owners elect to purchase pet insurance to help offset the costs of veterinarian visits. There are, however, other alternatives to pet insurance that offer great benefits and save you a ton of money. Pet Assure is a veterinary discount program that provides you with an immediate discount at the vet’s office simply by showing your card.

In this Pet Assure review, I’ll explain how it can help you save on your pet’s expenses and whether it’s a good alternative to pet insurance.

Pet Assure Review

Pet Assure is a highly popular option for United States residents to participate in a discounted plan for in-house veterinarian services. By enrolling in this program, you’ll save a significant amount of money each time you and your pet visit your veterinarian. There’s no limit to how much money you can save and the added benefits are well worth it, even with a healthy animal.

Pet Assure works with a large number of veterinarians all over the United States, simply visit their website and enter your address or zip code to find the nearest one around you.

Pet Assure offers a twenty-five percent discount on in-house services and the savings certainly add up over time. In fact, many people who purchase Pet Assure state that it pays for itself within the first month or two via the savings received.

The biggest thing you’ll need to understand is that Pet Assure isn’t the same thing as a traditional pet insurance program. While the differences will be discussed later on in this review, Pet Assure doesn’t work in the same way as insurance, which has upsides and downfalls.

How to Use Pet Assure?

The goal of Pet Assure is to save pet owners money on veterinarian services while also being convenient and easy to use.

So how do you get started?

Select Your Best Plan

Whether you’re a single dog or cat family or house a number of different animals, Pet Assure has an appropriate plan for you. Simply visit their pricing page and review all of the different plans they have to offer. You can compare and contrast to decide which plan will work best for you and your household.

Each plan gives you the option to pay for Pet Assure on a monthly basis or annually (one-time billing) for a discounted rate.

Enroll Your Pet

Once you’ve selected a plan, your next step is to enroll your pet(s). The company’s website is extremely easy to use, you just need to fill in your first and last name, email and credit card details. That’s all! The process is fast and very easy to understand, so you know exactly what you’re agreeing to.

Present Your Card at Every Visit

Immediately after enrolling in Pet Assure, you can print a temporary card off to use that same day. Your permanent cards should arrive in the mail within seven business days. From this point on, all you need to do to reap the benefits and discounts of Pet Assure is to present your card at each veterinarian appointment.

This is really all you have to do. There isn’t any need to worry about farther forms to fill out. With Pet Assure, you simply show your card and start saving. With providers in each and every state, you’re sure to find a vet who’ll provide quality care to your pet while helping you save every cent that you can.

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Source: Pet Assure

Who’s Pet Assure Best For?

Some pet owners attempt to purchase pet insurance and find themselves denied. Many times, this is because your pet is in an elderly age group at the time of application. Another big reason people can’t get pet insurance is if their pet suffers from any kind of pre-existing condition.

Pet Assure is ideal for pet owners who are looking to save money at the veterinarian, but have a hard time getting approved for traditional pet insurance. Likewise, it’s great for those with a busy lifestyle, as you can avoid cumbersome paperwork or filing claims.

If your pet has any kind of pre-existing medical condition or is getting up there in age, Pet Assure can be a wonderful fit for you and your furry friend. Additionally, Pet Assure can also be effectively combined with traditional pet insurance for maximum savings, as it helps with supplementing gap costs.

What Are the Different Pet Assure Plans?

There are four different plans available to you through Pet Assure, each is tailor-made to suit your household and the number and kind of pet(s) you have.

1) Single Cat/Small Animal Plan

Covers a singular cat, as well as many other different smaller pets, such as guinea pigs, birds, reptiles, rabbits, turtles and rodent species (including mice and rats). Even more unusual small pets, such as skunks and sugar gliders are eligible for the Pet Assure discount.

This plan costs $9.95/month or $6.58 with annual billing (one-time billing cost of $79).

2) Single Dog/Large Animal Plan

Covers larger animals, such as a singular dog or even a llama or miniature pig! Some farm animals are covered under this plan as well, including sheep, goats, and cows.

This plan costs $11.95/month or $8.25 with annual billing (one-time billing cost of 99$).

3) Family Plan

This is Pet Assure’s most popular plan for good reason. It covers anywhere from two to four animals per household, regardless of their size. This means that you can get discounted rates on in-house services for both your dog and cat amongst other animal companions, which makes it a great option for most pet owners.

This plan costs $16.95/month or $12.42 with annual billing (one-time billing cost of 149$).

4) Unlimited Plan

Pet Assures unlimited plan is exactly what it sounds like — it covers every animal that resides in your household, doesn’t matter whether your pets are large or small or how many you own. This is an ideal option for people who raise a large number of animals, such as farmers, homesteaders, etc.

This plan costs $21.95/month or and $16.58 with annual billing (one-time billing cost of 199$).


What’s Covered Under Pet Assure?

Pet Assure covers any in-house medical procedures and services your pet(s) require. Covered services which are included (but not limited to) are:

  • Routine Visits and Preventative Care: This includes your pet’s regular check-ups, wellness visits, and administering of any necessary vaccines.
  • Oral Care: It’s very important to take care of our pet’s teeth, especially as they grow older. Pet Assure covers dental care for your pet, including cleanings, exams, and x-rays.
  • Chronic Health Conditions: Pet Assure not only covers serious medical conditions, such as diabetes and allergies, but it also covers cancer care in animals.
  • Emergency Care: In the event that your pet becomes seriously ill or involved in an accident, Pet Assure discounts the hefty cost of emergency vet visits. It also covers hospitalization.

Pet Assure also covers a number of other veterinarian services that don’t neatly fall into a specific category. This includes:

  • Spaying and neutering
  • Surgical procedures
  • Sick visits
  • Tumor removal
  • Ultrasounds
  • Parasite screenings

What Else is Included in Pet Assure?

When you purchase Pet Assure, you’re purchasing so much more than discounted veterinary bills.

  • Lost Pet Recovery Service: Once you’re enrolled in Pet Assure, you’ll receive a tag to place on your pet(s) collar. In the event that your pet ever goes missing, the person who finds them can simply make a phone call to the number on the collar. From here, the Pet Assure recovery team takes over and the operators will be sure to not only contact you, the pet owner, but every emergency contact number you have previously provided to them until they’re able to safely arrange a convenient way to get your pet back home to you. This service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays.
  • Discounted Boarding Rates: When you sign up for Pet Assure, you’ll also receive a fifty-dollar voucher for your first pet sitting, boarding, or walking appointment that can be arranged via Rover is an online company that allows people to purchase and provide pet services. Simply go on the website and enter your zip code to find the services that are available through Rover near you.

What Services Aren’t Covered by Pet Assure?

  • Pet Assure doesn’t cover non-medical procedures. This includes grooming, dietary advice, boarding, training, etc.
  • Pet Assure doesn’t cover food or medications.
  • Pet Assure also doesn’t cover outsourced medical services, such as having your pet’s blood work sent off to a lab.

Pet Assure Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Pet Assure is available to every pet owner and covers every pet. This includes pets with pre-existing medical conditions, elderly pets and those with hereditary health problems.
  • Pet Assure is quick. Rather than waiting to find out whether or not your insurance claim is approved, you can begin receiving discounts minutes after signing up. Simply follow the steps on the website and print your temporary card. You’ll receive your permanent card in the mail in seven to ten business days.
  • Pet Assure is convenient. There’re no forms to fill out, no claims to file, and no hoops to jump through to get your pet covered.
  • Pet Assure is accepted by many different veterinarians nationwide.


  • Some veterinarians don’t accept Pet Assure. This means that you may have to switch vets in order to get the benefits of the program.
  • While Pet Assure provides a twenty-five percent discount on covered services, traditional pet insurance generally covers anywhere from seventy to ninety percent of total veterinarian costs once you have met your deductible.
  • Some traditional pet insurance programs do cover services that aren’t covered by Pet Assure, such as blood work, visits to specialists, etc.

Does My Vet Work With Pet Assure?

There are many different vets throughout the nation that accept Pet Assure. To find out if your regular vet is one of them, visit the company’s website and enter your address or zip code. You will find a list of all the vets in the area that accept Pet Assure. If your preferred vet doesn’t yet accept Pet Assure, you can always invite them to join, as it’s free and simple to do.

Pet Assure Compared to Pet Insurance

While Pet Assure accepts each pet regardless of age or any pre-existing condition, most traditional pet insurance programs won’t provide coverage for pre-existing health issues or will charge a much higher premium for coverage. Also, traditional pet insurance doesn’t cover wellness visits.

Another advantage is that Pet Assure provides you with instant savings at the time of your appointment. With traditional pet insurance, you’ll most likely be required to pay for all veterinarian expenses in full at the time of your visit, after which you’ll need to file a claim and wait to be reimbursed.

Additionally, Pet Assure has zero deductible and it doesn’t matter if you use it twice a year or once a week, the discounts are the same. Traditional pet insurance has a deductible that has to be met before any claims are covered, much like medical insurance for people.

Likewise, there isn’t any limit to how much you can use Pet Assure and they don’t deny any claim. This means that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your pet will be covered. For more information, check out this detailed comparison chart.

Can You Use Pet Assure Along with Traditional Pet Insurance?

Yes. Pet Assure can be used in conjunction with most traditional pet insurance plans. While it may be somewhat pricy, the combination of the two is the most ideal package for pet owners.

Bottom Line

Is Pet Assure worth the price, or are you better off to go with traditional pet insurance? In most instances, pet owners who purchase a Pet Assure plan find that they’re highly satisfied with the services provided. Not only is it simple and easy to use, but they also don’t have to worry about denied claims.

While traditional pet insurance certainly has its benefits, Pet Assure is an excellent option for anyone with multiple animals, as well as pets that have pre-existing conditions. Likewise, elderly pets are served well under this program. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet(s) medical and wellness needs are covered, Pet Assure is definitely the way to go.